The insurance you had then isn't the insurance you need now.

Fit Insurance is based on the revolutionary idea that your coverage should be tailored specifically to meet your needs, now. And as your needs change, we track them and adjust your coverage so you don’t have to worry about it. (Why this is revolutionary, we have no idea.)

You don’t drive the same car. You don’t live in the same house. But your insurance probably hasn’t kept up. We take care of that. Here’s another novel concept. We believe the process of dealing with insurance should be much easier for the people buying it.

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Peter Beeson of Fit Insurance reviews a client's policy in his home.

Why Fit?

Most insurance is sold by making you fit their set policies. That’s fine when you’re just getting started. Then your life changes. Careers take off. Families are started. Dreams start coming true. Suddenly your coverage isn’t such a great fit.

You are unique and so are the things you need to protect. Led by Peter Beeson, our experienced team has helped hundreds of people meet their insurance needs more effectively and efficiently. You have an interesting, busy life to lead. Let us take care of the insurance part.

Fit Insurance. It’s what insurance can be.

Three reasons your insurance can fit you now, fit you later, fit you forever.


It’s not off the shelf insurance.

Do you really think that a 15-minute phone conversation will provide the perfect coverage for you? Not likely. Most insurance companies work on huge volume and need to fit people in a few boxes. Fit insurance looks at it differently. That’s why we come to you and do a detailed analysis of your needs and your belongings, to truly assess the coverage you need. Then we craft coverage to precisely fit you. Just you.

“When we looked at covering our home the people at Fit made sure that even if we lost our house the coverage included working with our architect. No insurance company ever asked those questions before. That meant a lot to us.”


We make house calls.

Having insurance should be easy for you. That’s why we come to you. We’ll walk your property and ask the questions that will get us the information we need. We’ll spend all the time it takes to make sure that everything that matters to you is protected properly.

“Everyone had told us that you really couldn’t get earthquake coverage around here. Or else it would be outrageously expensive. Fit asked the right questions and then dug through historical documents until they found a way to make it happen. Nobody else ever offered to do that.”


We anticipate change.

A key part of having insurance that fits is that it needs to change with you. We’re set up to anticipate your needs. We’ll know when you might be adding a driver to your coverage. While you’re helping your son or daughter decide on a college, we’ll let you know how to protect them in that first apartment.

“I called Peter at Fit Insurance to get another perspective on our place. I didn’t expect him to come out, but he did. And he walked our acreage and noticed a small building that we’d converted into a yoga studio. He noticed right away that it hadn’t been included in our previous coverage and that had left us very exposed. I’m sure glad he cared enough to spend the time working on this.”

The right fit has a lot to do with finding the right people.

Peter Beeson, co-founder of Fit Insurance, Bellevue, WA

Peter Beeson
Co-Founder, Fit Insurance

It’s not surprising that Peter would arrive at the concept of Fit Insurance. Peter has a passion for cycling and all things fitness. Whether it’s waking up for his regular 5:30am spin class or running the Chicago Marathon, Peter has used his desire, determination and commitment to attain his goals.

He brings these same principles to Fit Insurance. Peter is a 4th generation insurance professional. Before launching Fit, He was an owner and chief insurance designer for Seattle Insurance Agency Inc. Peter was responsible for growing, developing and serving clients in all areas of business and personal insurance.

Through Fit Insurance, Peter is now using his vast experience and knowledge to lead a team of professionals dedicated to matching insurance to client.

You've read this far. Something we've said must speak to you.

To see if we’re a good fit for you, give us a call. There’s no phone tree. No “our people will get back to your people.” Just call us. We’ll answer or be right back to you. Thanks for your time.

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